Prato Marmi flies to Panama

Panama seen from above on 68 floors for 262 meters: is the BICSA Financial Center

The staff of Pratomarmi had the honor to collaborate with the architect Antonio Lardino in the realization of the offices of the EFC group.

Located in the Bicsa Financial Center, these offices are located in one of the tallest and most representative buildings in Latin America.

Nose upwards for 262 meters or 68 floors, as it were, this skyscraper is located in the financial center of Panama, in Avenida Balboa and is the third highest structure in Panama City and the fourth in the country.

More than 3000 square metres of Blanco Macael marble, combined with grey marble, black Marquina marble and Roman travertine, cover the common areas of this spectacular complex.

On the floor of the main hall, rose windows in Blanco Macael, Gris Macael and Negro Marquina made with water jet technology stand out.

All this has allowed Antonio Lardino to apply for the XXXIII edition of the Macael prize, winning the international Latin America award. An important recognition that our Architect has been collecting in Panama in these days.