Pietra Serena is a grey coloured natural stone, very versatile, with excellent workability and good resistance to wear.

It is suitable for the use of floors, stairs for interiors, coatings for interiors and exteriors, framing of doors and windows, cornices, columns and elements of urban furniture.

Types of Serena stone


“Pietra Serena” consisting of a medium-grained sandstone. Usually it crumbles due to the frost.
“Serena gentile” is a very fine-grained variety that lends itself well to the work of stonemasons and sculptors.
“Granitello” grey sandstone, coarse-grained, very hard and weatherproof.

Gradino in pietra serena Prato marmi

Processes by which the surface can become

  • Fiammata, characterized by a rough appearance similar to that which occurs naturally after exposure to the weather, is very suitable for outdoor flooring.
  • Sanded, with a uniform and slightly rough surface, especially good as non-slip flooring for internal stairs, porches and private sidewalks.
  • Cartata, very similar in appearance to sandblasted boulder stone.
  • Smoothened or polished: is the typical finish of ornamental elements such as statues, fountains, tables and benches.
  • Chiselled and Hand chiselled: the surface has numerous streaks and is typical for outdoor coatings.
  • Chiselled with edging tape: this is an extremely fine workmanship reserved almost exclusively for stone walls to be left exposed.
  • Straight stripe,diagonal orherringbone stripe: this is typical of road pavements, because the large stripes (often made on site with a mechanical chisel) ensure better drainage of water.
  • Anticata: used in addition to other processes to simulate a long outdoor exposure

Design uses

It is used in construction, sculpture and furniture. It is used for outdoor flooring: the streets of the historic centers of Siena, Arezzo and Florence are paved with large blocks of this stone, still reworked or replaced once consumed.

Also in the interior architecture we find numerous stairs in pietra serena, precious floors of slabs or fireplaces.
Very interesting are the applications in the furniture such as rustic sinks, washtubs with a decidedly retro flavor, garden benches and kitchen tops.

In the latter case, however, the stone must be treated with specific water-repellent products and the application must be repeated at least once a year.