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Brushed Botticino stone fireplace

We are happy to share one of our latest creations This fireplace has been made in Pietra Serena with the top in Botticino Spazzolato. Serena Stone is a very versatile grey natural stone with good workability. It is suitable for use in flooring, interior and exterior staircases, door and window frames, cornices, columns and street […]

Laminam glossy statuary white

We are happy to share one of our latest achievements: The frame for the television and the floor have been made in Laminam Bianco Staturario lucido. The Laminam is the largest and thinnest ceramic slab ever seen, a skin for surfaces and volumes, capable of multiplying uses and applications. Made using cutting-edge technology, it combines […]

Portoro Marble

Portoro Marble is a very valuable stone with a deep black background and yellow-gold veins. The area of extraction is La Spezia, more precisely Portovenere. The name Portoro derives from the Italian translation of the French term “Porte d’or” (Golden Door) by which it was called during the French domination. Originally the name was “Misto […]

What is ‘lightened’ marble?

Lightweight marble’ is a composite material consisting of natural stone and Honeycomb (aluminium cells encased in impregnated glass fabric). Its construction makes it very versatile and, compared to traditional marble, it does not have many limitations in terms of use. Another variable to consider is the diameter of the Honeycomb’s hexagonal aluminium cells, the smaller […]

Laminam Diamond Cream

We are happy to share one of our latest achievements This kitchen was made with a top of large stoneware slabs with a thickness of 2 cm and 6 cm of veil. The slabs were boxed directly onto the kitchen and the design of the top was designed to weigh as little as possible on […]


Onyx marble, normally called onyx, is formed by calcareous sediments coloured by fresh water. It is formed by calcareous aggregations of spring and seepage water. This stone is considered very valuable and is used mainly for cladding and decorative ornamental elements. The particular characteristic of this stone is its backlighting, which makes it one of […]

The diorite

The diorite is a coarse-grained intrusive magmatic rock, formed during the birth of mountain ranges along the edges of continental plates (such as the Andes), and in magmatic arches. Its name comes from the Greek word “diorìzein“, which means “to delimit, to determine”. . The diorites can be quartzferous and non-quartzferous; they have variable colouring […]