Materiali Particolari_ l’Alabastro di Volterra copertina Pratomarmi

Particular Materials: the Alabaster of Volterra

The Tuscan town of Volterra, has always been considered a landmark for the mining and working of alabaster: a delicate, lustrous and elegant material with which to create artistic and handcrafted works of the finest workmanship.

Volterra’s alabaster is recognized as the finest in Europe!

Each Volterra quarry generates a different type of alabaster based on the chemical composition of the soil: consequently, varieties less rich in inclusions are white and transparent, while inclusions of clay and metal oxides produce alabasters that tend to be gray with veins.
Amber, yellow and reddish colorations are due to metal oxides and hydroxides.

Volterra alabaster is a material with a translucent finish, and its uses are many, with decorative and interior design-related uses standing out.

For example, one can exploit its transparent surfaces to create plays of light and shadow in any environment from the kitchen to the bathroom via the living, home working and bedroom.


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