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Onyx marble, normally called onyx, is formed by calcareous sediments coloured by fresh water. It is formed by calcareous aggregations of spring and seepage water.
This stone is considered very valuable and is used mainly for cladding and decorative ornamental elements.

The particular characteristic of this stone is its backlighting, which makes it one of the most precious stones that can be used in interior decoration, giving it a touch of exclusivity.
The most famous colours are white, yellow, brown, orange, red and green, in all imaginable shades.

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Onyx is one of the most fragile stones we find in nature, fortunately there are techniques to compensate for this fragility.

Onyx sheets are often supported by a glass fibre mesh, which adds strength to the material.
The surface where the onyx slabs or tiles will be applied must be perfectly uniform and stable, otherwise the onyx could be damaged.

Another fundamental trick when working with onyx is the use of a diamond blade, in order to have a clean and more resistant cut.

Onyx does not have the same easy maintenance as granite or marble, but requires continuous care and maintenance.

Its rare beauty makes this stone a precious, refined material, suitable for refined and exclusive environments.

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