Marble: types and characteristics

From today will start the new column on the types of marble and their characteristics

Short History of Marble

Since ancient times marble has been used for the creation of valuable sculptures and architecture.

With the passing of time it has never lost its nobility and has returned to trend in recent years thanks to its versatility and the ability to transform every environment in which it is used into a work of art.

Typologies of Marble

Below are the various types of marble that will be the result of in-depth articles.
The choice of the material suitable for the needs must start from the right knowledge of it.

  • Marble of Carrara
  • Red Marble Verona
  • Green Marble Aver
  • Cappuccino Marble
  • Portugal Pink Marble

Fogli in Pietra naturale

Real Natural Stone Sheets are an innovative line of products for Architecture and Design.

They start from the stone blocks and, thanks to an innovative technique, arrive at slim layers of 2mm.

How to work

To join and fix the sheets we use fiberglass polyester resin, it’s all very easy thanks to the lightness of the raw material (even if it’s solid) and it’s easy to work because it’s perfectly moldable, adapting to any use.


Each type of stone sheet has characteristics of consistency, colour and appearance typical of the stone from which it is obtained. The differences in colour and veining within the same type are typical of the vera stone and do not constitute a defect.